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We are a holding company with three operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong. Our principal Hong Kong subsidiary, m-FINANCE Limited (“mF” or m-FINANCE), is a Hong Kong-based experienced financial trading solution provider principally engaged in the development and provision of financial trading solutions to customers via internet or platform as software as a service, or SaaS. m-FINANCE has approximately 20 years of experience providing real-time mission critical forex, bullion/commodities trading platform solutions, financial value-added services, mobile applications and financial information for brokers and institutional clients in the region. m-FINANCE has provided a wide range of services, including the mF4 Trading Platform, Bridge and Plugins, CRM System, ECN System, Liquidity Solutions, Cross-platform “Broker+” Solution, Social Trading Apps and other value-added services.

m-FINANCE has been committed to providing a state-of-the-art trading platform and innovative one-stop trading solution that fits for the Asian market, via internet or platform as software as a service, with clients located over mainland China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Our goal is to increase our market share and grow our business by expanding our customer base and service capacity.